24 Hours in and I’m still alive!! 🤪

October 21, 2019

So I survived the body scan and found out I was right — I need to lose weight! 50 pounds to be exact. However, I did learn other things like how much muscle mass I have throughout my body. Of course, like most people, my mid-section needs work! Thanks kids AND chocolate!

If I’m being honest, nothing went as planned yesterday — I was pleasantly surprised. I figured I would have a strict diet plan and be given a rigorous workout routine with trainers who yelled at me. I was wrong and SO glad I was wrong; the trainers are so easy to work with. They want you to take baby steps and work yourself into this thing so you don’t die! Trainer Tony said eat everything you would normally eat, just log it and we can review Friday. He also asked me about my current workout habits and worked around what I liked to do to make this fun!

Last time I lost all my weight people would ask me all the time what diet I was on and I would always respond “It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change” and that’s what it has to be — adopting new habits. We all know how to do it, but it’s not fun and easy so we choose the easy road. So I am also going to tell you what I eat so maybe this will help keep me accountable and help you if you’re struggling.

Breakfast: Banana & Sugar free brown sugar oatmeal

Snack: cheese nips (was stressed and knew better)

Lunch: ham(from deli) with cheese on a whole wheat flatbread

Snack: hard boiled egg & blueberries

Dinner: chicken thigh and a sweet potato

October 22, 2019

I went to bed and slept like crap thinking I would oversleep and miss my diet FIT class with Catherine this morning!!! (If you haven’t been it is an AMAZING class)

Glad to say I didn’t oversleep, I got up early, made it to the gym by 4:30, and was even able to get some treadmill time before class!! Not gonna lie …. after class I wasn’t sure if my legs would carry me to my car!

Stay tuned for more later this week!! Stay focused, if I can do this so can you!!! Let’s do it together!

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