The toughest part of my diet isn’t watching what I eat. It’s watching what other people eat.

It’s been a fun filled exciting week, with basketball, bowling, Halloween parties, delivering meals and work luncheons. As you can see, most of my life revolves around food. There were some tough choices this week, especially on Halloween. My favorite pizza was there…… Pizza Hut hand tossed sausage pizza and regular lays potato chips!! You know what I did???? I stayed away from the kitchen where the food was, because if I didn’t my arm would have done it’s own thing and had that pizza in my mouth and down the hatch before I even knew what was happening!

On a brighter note, I had another body scan this morning and GUESS WHAT!!!!! I lost almost 7lbs and gained muscle percentage…WAHOO!!! Just when I thought I was going to be disappointed, I surprised myself. Meal planning and exercise really do work, it is worth all the planning. Probably my favorite meal of the week was the Turkey Taco Bake, however tonights shrimp, zucchini and squash were a close second. Tomorrow is my meal planning day, so stay tuned for all the fun recipes we will try next week.

My workouts this week were up and down, Monday was great 4:30am start with Tony, Tuesday Catherines FIT class was not my best showing…but I DID GO and persevere through, Wednesday was do my own thing cardiacs and I chose to run 4 miles, Thursday was Halloween FIT class (ROUGH STUFF, my favorite was the body drag there weren’t enough weights so we ended up dragging each other) and Friday morning I worked out with Tony. I am learning a lot about lifting weights, I am appreciating it more and more each time.

Recipes for next week to come! If you are doing this with me, stay strong WE CAN do this!!

Tonight’s dinner courtesy of Schnucks steam case!!! Super easy 5 minutes each and I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow!!

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