The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself…….Is Self Love!

It appears blogging is not my favorite thing to do…. as with anything, we put off the things that we aren’t comfortable. Telling the whole world about my life is one of those things so it was easier to keep telling myself “I will write a blog tomorrow.”

So….. over the last month and half I have failed at blogging, but not the diet and exercise. I hit my first weight loss goal of 20lbs!!! WAHOO and boy has it been hard with all yumms and sweets everywhere I go. I have given in, and eaten some of them. It was to hard to resist the peanut butter chocolate cookies and pretzel candy, so of course I adjusted calories as necessary. I have learned through this journey the key is indulging in the foods you love and doing it in moderation does not kill a diet.

As for workouts…….I flipped a tire, broke a nail, did some rope thing and ran 5 miles consistently!!! (Not to say I could do any these things again) And guess what?!?! None of it killed me!!

Still doing the 5-day a week workout thing and adding Saturday’s and Sunday’s when I drink 🍷. How else can a girl survive the holidays?!?

More to come next week……. I PROMISE!!


FITmas party

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