Crappy week does not equal crappy eating!!

Before, with a week like the one I just had, I would have eaten my feelings in chocolate and potato chips. But not this time!! I’m on a mission and thankfully I have an army behind me keeping me accountable.

Between the funeral of my grandmother, a dead battery on my van, work drama, family drama, almost cutting the tip of my finger off, and crappy food everywhere……. I still didn’t cave!! I did weigh in on Friday and lost a pound! I had hoped for more like 5, but I have to get in my head that every week is going to be different. At first I was a little sad, but then Tony reminded me I LOST a pound NOT gained a pound.

We had our first training session on Friday. We worked on the proper way to do squats and he tested my range of motion on most of the machines. It wasn’t as difficult as anticipated, however Tony assured me they would get harder. THEN I had my second one this morning and he was right — it was tougher! We did arms, legs and I finished with a hearty dose of cardio. I left feeling strong and on fire with motivation 💪🔥

Still sticking to my meal planning.

This weeks menu includes:

Baked ranch chicken thighs and sweet potatoes

Turkey taco bake (picture below)

Baked garlic shrimp and brown rice

Spaghetti bake with vinison

Vegetable soup

Pinterest has been my best friend for low-cal recipes!!

Stay tuned for the rest of the story!

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